A word about parking at Greenwood Park

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We have  a very successful Summer rec ball, with plenty of fun, sun — and great games. We have a thriving league this season, with more than 400 girls playing in 5 age divisions. It is great to see so many parents, siblings and grandparents in the park, too, to watch the games and cheer on the players.

And now, a word about parking.

As many of you already know, it is against City of Medina ordinances to park on the grass in any city park, including Greenwood. The city has looked the other way but starting immediately, the Medina Police Department will ticket cars parked on the grass in the park.

We’ve reached out to the city and come up with a parking plan that we hope will make parking easier — and avoid ticketing. Here are the details:

1. There are two parking lots located within Greenwood Park that should accommodate most of our players and their families during the summer. The first is located on the south side of the park, on the top of the hill, directly across from the picnic pavilion and Splash Pad. If that lot is full, there is an even bigger parking lot on the western edge of the park near the soccer fields. Just follow the access road west and you will feed into that lot. Both of these lots are within easy walking distance of the ball fields.

2. If both of those parking lots are full, there are several options for overflow parking just outside the park, both in lots at A.I. Root Middle School across from the park entrance and on adjacent side streets such as Hartford, Bristol and Providence. The city has prepared a map, which we have attached to this post, with overflow parking options marked in yellow. Please remember if you are parking on adjacent side streets to park on the non-hydrant side of that street. These options are a little further away, but still an easy walk to the ballfields.

3. The city has promised to improve signage at Greenwood, to make it clear that parking is prohibited on the grass and directing drivers to the back, western lot if the front lot is full.

4. Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell has also promised that the police officers patrolling the park will not issue parking citations without ample, clear and friendly warning. They will come down to the softball fields to spread the word before issuing any citations.

We don’t foresee parking problems in the future. The two parking lots inside the park should accommodate a normal summer rec-ball evening..

Thanks for your patience and understanding